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Silicon [Ultra-Shine]

Content amount:50Ml ¥4,950

Silicon(Silica)In healthy living!

It is alkaline you want like this to health food.

Water-soluble Silicon is a-to?

When forever young and beautiful, natural health to foster power

Silicon is a mineral necessary for physical health and beauty.

* Representations concerning parts of the above is due to the working of the Silicon.
Porous spherical metasilicate acid colloidal solution

It is an alkaline health food with water-soluble reduction 硅 SiO3 extracted by natural hot spring water and crystal, ionized by adding various minerals and trace elements, and adding active hydrogen.

And functions of Silicon surprise?

1Day consumption is 3 ml.
1Per 5-10 drops 10-50 drops about 5 times
Nutritional information[(100per ml)]
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