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Beauty essence

Magic shining skin beauty liquid

Now on the topic and the?

Skin effect of proteoglycan

Proteoglycans are doing what works where?

What happens if I decrease proteoglycan?


And fermentation matured placenta?

In addition to more than 30 different ingredients added

Kiwi fruit water

Clara root extract

Mandarin orange peel extract

Thymus serpillum extract

Kudamonodkeithau fruit extract

Methylglycosidlin acid(Neo Damir)


Decarboxycarnosine HCI

Human-type ceramides

Beauty essence:Beauty-you[Ultra-Shine] Name of raw material
Water, glycerin, propanediol, polystyren sulfonic acid Na BG, myristic acid polyglyceryl-10, triethylhexanoin, Kiwi fruit water, Clara root extract, ethanol, ascorbic acid, Palmitiltripeptide-38, kudamonodkeithau fruit extract, Mandarin orange peel extract, wild time ex-Tri(Caprylic / capric acid)Hyaluronic acid, glyceryl-decarboxycarnosine HCI(Lysine and proline)Copper, methylglucosidlin acid, soluble proteoglycan, placenta extract and fermented yeast extract, brown sugar and ceramide AP and ceramide EOP and ceramide NP, phytosphingosine, cholesterol, Na laurillacti rate and hot water, sodium metasilicate, Ca oxide, oxide Mg citric acid, sodium citrate, hydroxide Na, pentylene glycol, hydroxypropylcyclodextrin, tocopherol, 1 and 2- Hexanediol-caprilylglycol-carbomer, xanthan gum, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexyl Glycerin, methylparaben Na
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